How Much Does a New Boiler Installation Cost?

Installation cost of a new boiler is normally more expensive than the boiler itself. However, the cost of installing and replacing a it may be offset by the savings one get due to a new more energy efficient model. Nonetheless, one should consider whether it is the right time to install a new one. To begin with, if a qualified engineer advices that the used boiler is not cost-efficient to repair, it is the right time to invest in a new one. Secondly, if a boiler does not control heating due to a faulty timer it is appropriate to buy a new one in order to cut heating bills.

Thirdly, if the boiler won’t switch off when a home is already at the temperature set by the thermostat, it is right to buy a new one. Fourthly, a new boiler is appropriate if the old one has a continuous light seen through the front of some designs. This is because that light wastes a lot of energy. Furthermore, if the boiler is on the floor instead of the wall, it may be an older model and less efficient hence the need to buy a new one. Finally, if a boiler is G-rated, a new one is suitable.

A new boiler installation cost varies quite a lot depending on a number of factors. To start with is the amount of work to be done. This may depend on the type of boiler purchased and the older model being replaced. For instance, it is cheaper to install if the older unit and the new one are of the same model. Additionally installing a new boiler in a different location from where the older one was is more expensive. This is because it may involve more work.

Gas Boiler Pic 2Secondly, the cost depends on the parts needed and their availability. For instance, one may need a system flush, magnetic filtering and a condensate drain pump or pipe. Other additions may include thermostatic radiator valves or wireless thermostat and controls. All these pose additional costs in installation of the boiler. Thirdly, the cost of installation may depend on where one live. For instance some locations have more plumbing and heating services than others. Presence of many engineers would mean better prices due to competition.
Finally, the cost of having a gas boiler installed depends on who is doing it. Installation may be done by an independent installer or an energy provider. Energy providers may be more expensive than independent installers. However, some energy providers may offer additional benefits. For instance boiler packages and smart control where one can switch from a phone. Nonetheless the client should gauge whether it is worthy to pay the higher prices due to the extra offers. It is therefore imperative for one to shop around speaking to as many installers as possible to get the best deal.

Installing a new boiler though expensive have various merits which include; improved efficiency which reduces bills, improved heating control, quieter operation and it can save house space since modern boilers are smaller in size.